django-rest-swagger will parse docstrings as markdown if Markdown is installed.


django-rest-swagger can be configured to parse docstrings as reStructuredText.

Add to your settings:

    'VIEW_DESCRIPTION_FUNCTION': 'rest_framework_swagger.views.get_restructuredtext'

Swagger ‘nickname’ attribute

By default, django-rest-swagger uses django-rest-framework’s get_view_name to resolve the nickname attribute of a Swagger operation. You can specify an alternative function for nickname resolution using the following setting:

    'VIEW_NAME_FUNCTION': 'module.path.to.custom.view.name.function'

This function should use the following signature:

view_name(cls, suffix=None)

-cls The view class providing the operation.

-suffix The string name of the class method which is providing the operation.

Swagger ‘list’ views

django-rest-swagger introspects your views and viewset methods in order to determine the serializer used.

In the majority of cases, the object returned is a single type. However, there are times where multiple serialized objects can be returned, such as in the case of list methods.

When you use ViewSets, django-rest-swagger will report that the list method on a viewset returns a list of objects.

For other ViewSet methods or function based views, you can also hint to django-rest-swagger that the view response is also a list, rather than a single object. See many